Join Our Webinar – Navigating Dementia In Ontario

On June 13th, 2024, Highview Residences, in partnership with Home Instead, invites you to our upcoming webinar, “Navigating Dementia in Ontario: News, Systems, the Signs, and Some Solutions.” Join us as we discuss the vital aspects of dementia care and explore strategies to support you and your loved ones every step of the way. Learn More.

Volunteering at Highview: “It’s so worth it!”

“If someone is thinking about a volunteer position, I would say that it’s so worth it. And yes, it’s sometimes hard to see people struggle, but I think that if you just accept them where they’re at, there can be so much joy in it.” Learn more about Joanne Hammerton’s fulfilling experience volunteering at Highview Residences! Continue reading.

Toolkit to Manage the Risk of Getting Lost or Going Missing for People Living with Dementia

In this Webinar, Noelannah Neubauer and Isabella Chawrun gave a live orientation to the newly developed toolkit from the University of Waterloo, which is aimed to support people living with dementia and their care partners to reduce a person’s risk of getting lost and going missing.
Watch the Webinar

The Stages & Steps to Picking a Dementia Home

There are five stages involved in choosing and moving your loved one who has dementia to a home, however, everyone is different and so your journey may be different also! Through years of working with families as they navigate this part of the journey we have generally found these are the Stages. Continue Reading.

Keeping couples together

Navigating dementia as a couple can be challenging. Discover how it’s possible to still live together with the right care. Read Article.

Four Signs it is Time for a Move

Not only is it hard for the person living with dementia, it is also hard for their family and friends as they journey together. Here are four signs that it’s time for the move.

Read more.

Making decisions for a family member who has dementia

How a Power of Attorney for Personal Care works in Ontario and what that means in practical terms when making decisions for someone who has dementia. Read

Visiting someone who has dementia – 7 practical tips

With the assistance of Kait Carnegie, Activation Coordinator at our homes in Kitchener, we’ve put together 7 tips to help you prepare for a visit and make it as enjoyable and meaningful as possible.

Click to read more.

People with Dementia Benefit from A Specialized Care Solution

The number of Canadians with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias is at an all-time high. The time will come when a decision will need to be made to move a loved one to a home.

Learn More.

Daughter relieved to find around-the-clock dementia care for her mom

Leslie was able to convince her mom to move to Highview even though her mom vowed that the only way she’d leave her apartment was feet first. Read article

My parents with dementia won’t move

What happens in Ontario when a person with dementia is unsafe living in their own home but refuses to move? Read more to find out.

Engage at every age

We are excited to introduce intergenerational activities at Highview Residences. To read more about this program, click here.

A new approach to dementia care

Two years after building the first residence in the Kitchener-Waterloo region specifically for people with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, Highview Residences has built a second.

Click to read more about the NEW Cedar Creek House.

TableTalk Information Sheet on Delirium

For people with dementia, Delirium can sometimes present itself in their words, fears and what they’re actually seeing.

Delirium Info Sheet

Tune In – Joy Birch on the Senior Savvy Show

“Families often struggle with ‘when is it time?’ and ‘we want them to stay at home as long as possible’. The time will come when a decision needs to be made about where to live.”

Joy Birch from Highview Residences tells us the four signs that it’s time for a move:

Tune In: The Senior Savvy Show – Joy Birch from Highview Residences

Watch: InStudio with Natasha McKenty – Joy Birch

Read the Article: 4 Signs That it is Time for a Move

How to adjust holiday plans when someone in your family has dementia

If you’re spending part of the holidays at home with someone in your family who has dementia, adjusting your expectations is crucial. Read article

Visiting someone with dementia

Kait Carnegie, Activation Co-ordinator of Highview Kitchener, was recently interviewed by the CBC to discuss the importance of visiting loved ones with dementia during the holidays. Click here to read the full article. 

Planning for the holidays when your spouse has dementia

The holidays can be overwhelming at the best of times, but when your spouse has dementia, they can be especially stressful.

Read more on how to plan this holiday season.

Gift ideas for someone with dementia

If someone on your holiday shopping list has dementia, here are a few tips on how to find a suitable gift. Click to read more. 

First anniversary of Cedar Creek House opening

On Thursday, October 24, 2019 we opened Cedar Creek House, our second residence in Kitchener for people with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. To mark this anniversary, here’s an excerpt from the article we posted for opening day. Although the world is very different in 2020, the care we provide hasn’t changed. Read article

Highview Residences Kitchener welcoming new residents once again

Hear from a family perspective how Highview Residences Kitchener staff stepped up during the initial wave of COVID-19. Read article

Working during the pandemic at Highview

The Record interviews Highview Kitchener personal support worker Julia Smit about working during a COVID-19 outbreak. Read article

It’s Official!

The names for Highview Kitchener’s Second Home have been announced!

Read More: Update on Phase 2

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