Residence Fees

Residence fees

Monthly Fees at Highview Residences include the following:

  • Accommodation in a private room with ensuite bathroom with shower, in a Resident Home Area of 12-13 Residents with access to secure gardens, screened porches, dining room and sitting rooms
  • Care services:
    • Nursing care supervised by registered staff
    • Physician Services provided by a community Physician
    • Provision of meals and snacks, planned and prepared by our in-house food service staff; tray service available when authorized by registered staff
    • Therapeutic diets or specialized diets as required
    • Assistance with bathing, personal hygiene, ambulation, feeding, dressing, cueing, escorting to and from activities within the home
    • Continence Care
    • Administration of medications or other substances
    • Provision of skin and wound care
  • Dementia sensitive activation and recreation:
    • Scheduled activities including music, art, pet therapy, church services
    • Activities of daily living (ADLs) including help in the home through purposeful activities like folding laundry, watering the gardens, setting the table, cleaning
    • Time with an activation resource person (or Chef, PSW or other staff) including games, baking, puzzles, knitting, flower arranging etc.
    • Access to all Montessori for Dementia materials in the home, example: sock matching, baby clothes folding, gears, bolts and other sorting, cleaning, record player, and others.
  • Access to cordless telephone in each cottage
  • Housekeeping – weekly provision of bed making, dusting, vacuuming and general laundry
  • Laundry of personal items and linens; provision and laundering of towels.

Fee Schedule

Monthly Fees: Person 1 Person 2
1 Room An individual 1 Needing care $7,825
1 Room A couple 1 Needing care $7,825 $935
Medication Management $335
1 Room A couple 2 Needing care $7,825 $5,120

Monthly Fees breakdown: room vs. accommodation:

Room Rental Fees: $3034.10
Accommodation & Care Fees: $4790.90

Extra Care Fee ($800 monthly):

This fee comes into effect when a Resident becomes non-ambulatory, and requires a mechanical lift. The POA is advised, assessment provided, and change in care plan. No advance notice is required for the change to this monthly fee as per the criteria herein.

Possibility of 1:1 support for your Person (Resident):

Within the monthly fees, Highview will provide the care ratios identified in our home, however it is not possible for Highview to provide 1-to-1 care. There may be a situation where a Resident requires this special level of additional care for a number of reasons (see below). In that instance, the Care Coordinator would identify the need for this level of care (1:1), the timing it is required and the reason, within the context of a Care Call or email or phone call, with the POA Care. At that time, it is required that the POA Care secure and provide the 1:1 care needed, for the time required in one of three ways:

  1. family / friends provide
  2. paid caregiver arranged by POA Care
  3. Highview staff (if possible) and billed at an hourly rate, directly to the Resident account

Examples of reason why 1:1 additional care may be required: a particular episode of illness, behavioural issues, or the resident’s safety. Such additional supports will be billed to the family. Private Care arrangements must be approved by Highview. These additional services would continue until Highview determines that they are no longer required.

What is not included in the monthly care fees?

Items that remain under the financial care of the families include: prescriptions, and medical supplies, in room telephone – cable TV – internet, professional hairdressing, podiatrist services, private physio, dental/vision/hearing aid clinic services, and personal care items (such as continent products, toiletries).

Respite Care

At times Highview may provide respite services at the discretion of the General Manager: $255.00 per day; $300.00 per day-if non-ambulatory.

Resident’s Hospitality Fee

This fee is paid upon admission to Highview and “held” until each time a guest dines at Highview (breakfast, lunch or dinner. The cost of the guest’s meal is $3.95/meal and is deducted from the balance, replenished in the next monthly fee, when it is depleted. This fee is $167.00, and any unused portion will be refunded upon leaving Highview.