Alzheimer's Care

Dementia Care Safety and Security

The need for safety and security is more important as dementia progresses and the cognitive abilities decline. Highview has been purposefully designed to support and cue the person with dementia and it has been designed to help keep the person with dementia as safe as possible, with unobtrusive security. The home is designed to be largely open-concept making it visually easier for Residents to navigate and see all parts of the cottage and for the care team to be able to see the Residents.

Handrails line both sides of the bedroom hallways. The hallways are short, and the home is open concept, so it’s easy to see where you want to go. Every Resident has a private bedroom and an accessible ensuite bathroom and shower, fitted with anti-slip flooring. The specially designed bedroom windows allow for fresh air but still ensure Resident security. Each bedroom is equipped with a smoke detector integrated into the automatic sprinkler system that is throughout each building.

There are staff members present in the building twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to address any needs.

The doors into the garden are a central focal point in the windowed wall of the family room but the actual exit to the outside is tucked into the foyer where a window is intended to be of greater visual interest. All the external doors are locked electronically, which means two layers of security to navigate when exiting the cottage and the lobby. The gardens are secure and accessible so that Residents may enjoy the outdoors, weather permitting.


Visitors are welcome at Highview Residences. We provide families with the access code to gain entry or you may speak with our staff on the intercom located beside the front door. When visiting, please remember that you are visiting the home of many people.