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Highview Residence Dining Room/Resident Hospitality Fee

We encourage family members and friends to join our residents during the mealtime. Please note, there is a physical limitation to the number of guests we can serve. It is nice to know company is coming, so please let us know ahead of time and we can set a place for you.

  • Breakfast service is usually between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m., although if a resident chooses to sleep later they may have breakfast when they rise.
  • Lunch is served at 12 noon.
  • Supper is served at 5:30 p.m.
  • Coffee or tea breaks with snacks are provided.
  • When necessary (due primarily to illness), meals will be served in the resident’s room. There is no additional charge for this service.
  • Several times a year, we plan special occasions such as our Spring Tea, Summer Barbeque, and Christmas Party. These complimentary events are for residents and their families.

Highview Residence has a Resident Hospitality Fee that covers the cost of guest meals. This fee is paid upon admission to Highview. Each time a guest meal (i.e. breakfast, lunch or dinner) is served, the name of the resident and their guest(s) will be recorded. The cost is then deducted from the balance. When the Resident Hospitality balance is nearing zero, it will be replenished on the next monthly invoice. Sometimes when you are visiting with a resident, a beverage and a snack would be nice. We ask that you mention this to our staff and they will be pleased to accommodate you. Access to the kitchen and pantry is limited to staff only.


It is recommended that residents retain their family physician.

Hairdressing Services

A private hairdresser provides services as requested. The fee for this service is in addition to the monthly fee paid.

Medical Supplies

Personal care products (such as incontinence briefs) and needed medical supplies (such as wound dressings or isolation gowns and masks) are paid for by the resident. These charges are not included in the regular monthly fee charged to each resident. Highview has purchasing arrangements with suppliers for these products and can purchase these items for the resident, if requested. These charges will be billed to the resident. For more information on this matter, please speak to the Director of the house.