Highview Residency Criteria

Our goal is to provide person-centred, care for our residents. Prior to moving in our Care Coordinator will visit the prospective resident at home/hospital to do a Pre-Move-in Assessment, in order to be certain that we can meet their care needs at Highview.

The primary criteria for admission to Highview Residences is Control, meaning that the resident will not be of harm to themselves or others. We can talk more about what that means and looks like during your tour of our home.


If a resident uses an assistive device like a walker or a wheelchair, the Pre-Move-in Assessment would confirm that we can meet their care needs at the time of admission.

Once the resident is living at Highview, if their ambulation (ability to walk and transfer) changes, then our Care Coordinator would again assess their needs and revise the Care Plan. In most instances, they can continue to live at Highview even if they are no longer able to walk and need a wheelchair and/or a mechanical lift, subject to the care assessment.