Highview Residences Accommodations

Highview Residences accommodations are comprised of two houses: Franklin House and Chapin House. Each house consists of two cottages joined by a central administrative area. Constable Cottage and Harris Cottage are within Franklin House, and Taylor Cottage and Smith Cottage are within Chapin House. Each cottage serves 12 or 13 residents and includes private and common spaces. By dividing our residents into these four smaller living spaces, it creates an environment that fosters the residents’ interests and involvement in daily house events, while also providing opportunities for quiet time. Each private bedroom has its own ensuite bathroom, which includes a barrier free shower, wash basin and toilet. Bathing in a bathtub is available for those who prefer.

Each resident’s private room is furnished with their own belongings, however, Highview will provide appropriate furniture should a resident request it. Common spaces reflect the areas in a traditional home.


Typical Private Room

Residents in each cottage have access to a private, secure outside garden. Each garden has a circular walking path with seating areas and a fountain. A gazebo and pergola provide shade. Outside activities, gardening and picnics ensure that the gardens are enjoyed. The cottages are heated and air conditioned by a forced air system. Highview Residences is a smoke-free environment.