Alzheimer’s Living Services

Alzheimer’s Living Services: What’s included?

We ensure that our residents have access to important amenities as part of our Alzheimer’s Living Services. It is important that they feel at home and feel a sense of independence.


The cost associated with laundry service is included in the monthly fee. The cost of dry cleaning is not included. Articles of clothing are labeled to ease the task of identification. The closet space in each room is intentionally small so that only a single season’s clothing can be accommodated. This helps the resident be successful dressing themselves appropriately for as long as possible.


Our mail service ensures that personal mail received at Highview Residences will be appropriately distributed.

Private Television, Telephone and Internet Service

Each private room is wired for television, telephone and Internet services. These features are available to your residents if the family arranges for them directly with their chosen provider. The intent to purchase these services should be discussed with the Director to ensure appropriate coordination with other services in the building. Highview is not responsible for the processing or payment of these services.